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LYNQ MES ROI calculator. Calculate your companies potential monthly savings, from investing in LYNQ MES, below.

Save time, save money, save resources.

LYNQ MES has the potential to unlock incredible savings for manufacturing companies by minimizing losses and maximizing output, through one resource management solution to digitalise and drive factory performance.

Companies can expect to see a return on their investment through using LYNQ MES in as little as 6 months. Find out how much you could save by filling in the short form below, monthly savings auto-generate from the top 2 fields.

*Estimated value using average labour cost of $35 USD and 10% gain in effectiveness. 10% is average minimum gain in effectiveness seen from LYNQ customer base having used the solution for at least 6 months. Currency conversions are estimated based on market averages.

*Currency conversions are estimated based on market averages.
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