MES for

Connecting shop floor data to Macola, with advanced planning and scheduling, to digitalise and drive factory performance.

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Save time
and money

Connect LYNQ MES to your current Macola solution to optimise your manufacturing workflows, automate data capture from machines and gain world-class performance analysis as to where you could be saving time and money.


  1. Visual scheduling

    Advanced planning tools with interactive job lists.​ Flexible, automatically updating production schedule, with drag and drop jobs and finite capacity planning.

  2. Machine integration

    Real-time data collection and tracking of employees, equipment and jobs. Automatic data capture from machines and other devices, connecting to 140+ industrial drivers.

  3. Business intelligence

    World-class factory performance analysis with loss visualisation. Dashboards and reports including order fulfilment, equipment utilisation and workforce dashboard.

Plug and play, certified integration with Macola Progression, ES and M10

Unleash your potential.
One solution for effective
resource management.

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