MES for

Connecting shop floor data to IFS, with advanced planning and scheduling, to digitalise and drive factory performance.

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Save time
and money

Connect LYNQ MES to your current IFS solution to optimise your manufacturing workflows, automate data capture from machines and gain world-class performance analysis as to where you could be saving time and money.


  1. Affordable MES

    Rapid, fixed priced implementation in less than 12 weeks. Typical ROI in less than six (6) months from an increase in the effectiveness of the resources being managed.

  2. Designed for IFS

    Integration as standard for all IFS releases (up to 9). Generic operator to link with IFS (no increase to the number of licenses in IFS needed). Graphical and user friendly interface.

  3. Business intelligence

    World-class factory performance and financial analysis to drive continuous improvement. Dashboards and reports including order resource utilisation and loss analysis.

Plug and play, certified integration with IFS version 9 and above

Unleash your potential.
One solution for effective
resource management.

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